Securely Connect, Observe, and Manage Cloud native Applications including Event Streaming Applications

Calisti is the industry's first multi cloud solution designed to simplify and secure the operations of cloud native applications including event streaming applications.

Why choose Calisti?

Calisti simplifies managing Istio and Streaming Data Platform using Apache Kafka. You don’t have to be a Kubernetes expert. It’s operator framework – Istio Operator, Koperator, Logging Operator makes it easier to manage cloud-native applications and production Kafka clusters in hybrid multi-cloud environments.

Effortless Connectivity, Deployment, and Management: Utilizing CLI & GitOps for Seamless Operations

Managing the lifecycle of cloud resources is made easy with a sleek UI dashboard that provides integrated configuration, traffic management, load balancing, scaling, and other features. Easily adjust resources to meet workload demands, with graceful upscaling and downscaling. Receive alerts when storage expansion is needed, and experience smooth zero-downtime upgrades.

Service Mesh Management Built on Istio

Calisti is a unique hybrid service mesh management tool that facilitates both synchronous and asynchronous microservices communication. It provides application developers with customizable interaction options for apps and default encryption for Kafka.

Zero trust security for Apache Kafka®

Implementing zero trust for Apache Kafka ensures a robust security framework, eliminating trust assumptions. It enforces authentication, authorization, and data encryption for all communication, regardless of network location or user identity. By adopting zero trust, organizations fortify their Kafka deployments against security threats, maintaining a highly secure data streaming environment.

Integrated observability

Calisti simplifies observability by seamlessly integrating metrics, events, logs, topology, and tracing into a unified view, speeding up root cause analysis and reducing mean time to resolve (MTTR) issues. It also offers end-to-end protocol-aware insights for applications and data platforms, delivering real-time actionable information to manage Apache Kafka clusters and Kubernetes-based applications.


Connect all your apps and endpoints across any hybrid multi-cloud environment. Seamless integration with application management tools such as Prometheus, Grafana, and Argo CD for a streamlined experience.

Ready to get started?

If you are looking for an effortless and flexible solution for managing your cloud-native
applications and Apache Kafka® clusters on Kubernetes, then try Calisti today!