Introducing Calisti Version 1.12: Red Hat OpenShift and more

Silesh Bijjahalli

Wednesday, May 24th, 2023

We are happy to announce the release of Calisti version 1.12, an update focusing on support and compatibility with Red Hat OpenShift, including enhanced usability and improvements to the deployment process.

Calisti v1.12 Key features include

• Support for Red Hat OpenShift container platform.
• Certification on Red Hat OpenShift* - compatibility with Red Hat OpenShift.
• Zero downtime Kafka data migration - improving productivity.
• Dashboard improvements - Managing Istio resources via YAML.
• Simplified deployment of Kafka clusters - speeding up time to operationalize.

Red Hat OpenShift support and certification

Customers look for commercial Kubernetes solutions that work together so they don't have to worry about support. Calisti avoids vendor lock-in so that you can mix and match your multicloud providers (Google GKE, Amazon EKS, Azure AKS, Red Hat OpenShift). In addition, with certification, Calisti ensures compatibility with Red Hat OpenShift.

Zero downtime Kafka data migration

Calisti v1.12 streamlines the data migration from existing Apache Kafka clusters to Kafka clusters that Calisti manages without introducing downtime. In addition, after migrating to Calisti supported environments, customers can take advantage of the life cycle management of service mesh and Kafka clusters provided by Calisti, allowing their teams to focus on delivering more business value.

Dashboard improvements

Another enhancement is the ability to create and edit Istio resources on the dashboard directly. The new YAML editor of Calisti provides ready-to-use templates and syntactic and semantic validation, simplifying the process of building YAML files to help configure large-scale environments.

Simplified deployment

Calisti v1.12 has further simplified the Calisti deployment process. Customers often spend a long time deploying, but with Calisti v1.12, the deployment process has been simplified by reducing the number of manual steps, making it faster to operationalize the hybrid multicloud setup.

Calisti - Securely managing your cloud-native and event-streaming applications.

Overall, Calisti v1.12 brings new features and enhancements, including Red Hat OpenShift support and certification making it easier for customers to deploy and manage Cloud native and event streaming applications in hybrid multicloud environments. With Calisti, customers can focus on delivering more business value.

*Red Hat OpenShift certification approval expected on or before June 1st, 2023

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