Run apache kafka, the cloud native way

Calisti lets you easily operate your own production-grade Apache Kafka clusters on Kubernetes, leveraging the Cloud Native technology stack.

Adobe chose Calisti’s Koperator as the best fit solution for its...

“Adobe chose Calisti’s Koperator as the best fit solution for its requirements and was able to migrate Apache Kafka to Kubernetes across multiple clouds. Our decision was driven by our need for a multi-cloud solution that was elastic, flexible, and able to handle our scale of 300 billion events per day & multi-petabytes of data storage.”

Adrian Muraru

Infrastructure Engineering Lead, Adobe.

Why Calisti for Apache Kafka?

Simplified Kafka cluster Management

Operate production-grade Kafka clusters with automated install of all Kafka components, easy declarative configuration of Kafka clusters including brokers, and simplified day-2 operations like rolling upgrades, disaster recovery, and alert-based auto scaling.

Traffic Encryption without Performance Penalty

Calisti offers out of the box mutual transport layer security (mTLS) encryption of cluster traffic including Kafka data traffic, and authenticated communication, all while causing minimal impact to Kafka cluster performance.

Protocol-Aware Integrated Kafka Observability

Easy to root-cause runtime errors in Kafka clusters using metrics, events, logs, and traces that are shown on integrated Grafana dashboards for both Kubernetes and Kafka components such as brokers, topics, consumer groups, and access control lists (ACLs).

Why Calisti for Apache Kafka?

Designed for Cloud Natives

  • Automated Kafka brokers scaling and rebalancing with Koperator (Kafka operator).
  • Simplified management and configuration of Kafka partitions, topics and access control lists (ACLs).
  • Declarative topic and user management through Kubernetes custom resources (CRs).

Deploy Apache Kafka in your own environment.

  • Automatic reaction and self-healing based on Prometheus alerts.
  • Rolling upgrades for continuous operations.
  • Advanced Grafana dashboards to monitor all Kubernetes and Kafka components.

High Availability

  • Deploy and manage cross-cluster replication using MirrorMaker2.
  • Disaster recovery leveraging Kubernetes-native volume snapshots.
  • Graceful auto scale-up and -down of brokers and volumes.

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