Market Guide for Event Stream Processing​ ​ ​

According to research by Gartner®, the event stream processing (ESP) platform market consists of software systems that perform real-time or near-real-time computations on streaming event data. They execute calculations on unbounded input data continuously as it arrives, enabling immediate responses to current situations and/or storing results in riles or databases for later use. Examples of input data include clickstreams, customer orders, payments, insurance claims, social media postings, images, video, emails, and other documents, and market data feeds, as well as sensor data from physical assets, such as mobile devices, machines and vehicles. ​

Download the “Market Guide to Event Stream Processing” by Gartner® Research to learn about:​

  • How to choose the right ESP product for specific use cases​
  • Whether to build a custom ESP platform or purchase an off-the-shelf product​
  • The factors involved when choosing a real-time ESP platform, versus one that ingests and stores data for later use​
  • The skill sets required to deploy and administer different types of ESP platforms​
  • The universe of ESP platforms on the market, how they differ, and what to choose​

Gartner®, Market Guide for Event Stream Processing, W. Roy Schulte, Pieter den Hamer, 18 January, 2022

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