Cisco Emerging Technologies and Incubation is excited to sponsor

Apache Kafka®
on Kubernetes
Made Simple

Firmly install, configure, manage and secure
containers and real-time architecture.

Calisti effortlessly secures, deploys, and manages your cloud native apps and event-driven platforms such as Apache Kafka® at scale on Kubernetes, on hybrid multicloud.

Calisti leverages Istio Mesh and Kafka in order to simplify secure observability and traffic management for new cloud native applications. It provides a single pane of glass for operations and a CLI for integration in GitOps environments.


We are excited to showcase Calisti Red Hat OpenShift support and certification. Join us at Red Hat Summit to learn more about Calisti’s newest features:

  • Improved OpenShift support
  • Simplified data migration
  • Faster time to operationalize

Theatre Session

Session title: Securely Connect, Observe and Manage your Web and Event Driven Apps on Red Hat OpenShift with Cisco Calisti

Tim Szigeti, Director of Technical Marketing

Wed 5/24 – 12:30pm – 12:50pm EDT

Developers are expected to create 750M new apps by 2025. These apps may be web apps, event driven apps like Apache Kafka) or combinations of both. However, tremendous challenges exist in providing secure connectivity, observability, and management to these apps, and doing so at scale, and without burdening developers in the process. This is where Calisti comes in. Calisti brings Cisco’s decades of networking and security thought leadership and experience to cloud native environments, including Red Hat OpenShift. Come and see how Calisti makes it simple to securely connect anything to anything, as well as provide you with deep observability and actionable insights to maintain the highest service levels for your apps.

Let’s Connect

Streamline deployment and operations, accelerate innovation, and stay ahead of the competition with Calisti and Red
Hat OpenShift. Request time to meet with us onsite at Red Hat Summit to learn more about how Calisti can support
your applications on a reliable and secure platform.