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Calisti Open Source Contributions

Open source is central to Calisti's capabilities. The Koperator project simplifies management of multi-cloud Apache Kafka clusters and the NASP project is a library that can be added to application code to extend service mesh without a sidecar proxy. NASP is particularly useful for integrating applications from non-Kubernetes environments, like edge and legacy applications, into the same mesh manager, simplifying traffic management, observability, and security for application developers.

Koperator - Simplifying Apache Kafka Management on Kubernetes

“Adobe chose Calisti’s Koperator as the best fit solution for its requirements and was able to migrate Apache Kafka to Kubernetes across multiple clouds. Our decision was driven by our need for a multi-cloud solution that was elastic, flexible, and able to handle our scale of 300 billion events per day & multi-petabytes of data storage.”

Adrian Muraru

Infrastructure Engineering Lead, Adobe.

Koperator is an open-source operator that automates the provisioning, management, and autoscaling of Apache Kafka clusters on Kubernetes. It increases productivity, offers automated operations, and is a Kubernetes-native solution. Key features include automatic provisioning and management, autoscaling, self-healing, monitoring via Prometheus, and advanced external access via Load Balancers using Envoy. With Koperator, simplify the management of Apache Kafka on Kubernetes and improve application reliability.

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Getting started with NASP

Not Another Sidecar-Less Proxy (NASP)

Introducing NASP - the latest open source offering in application modernization platforms. NASP simplifies service mesh in the cloud for smaller teams and expands to non-cloud environments, eliminating the need for dedicated proxies. By including a NASP library in your code, your service mesh is extended to provide traffic management, observability, and security functionalities, reducing the burden on developers.

NASP's key features include declarative configuration, hybrid data plane, and support for multiple languages and frameworks such as Go, iOS, Java, Android, Spring, and Nio. It also offers identity and network traffic security using mutual TLS, automatic traffic management features like HTTP or gRPC load balancing, and transparent observability of network traffic. Dynamic configuration from an Istio control plane through xDS and easy bootstrapping of configuration through Heimdall make NASP easy to integrate and use. With NASP, you can expand proxy-based service meshes with NASP workloads and even include mobile applications in Istio service meshes.

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Related Open Source Tools and Contributions

Istio Operator

Automates the installation, upgrade, and operation of the Istio
service mesh on Kubernetes in hybrid and multi-cloud

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Logging Operator

Solves logging-related problems in Kubernetes environments by
automating the deployment and configuration of a Kubernetes
logging pipeline.

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