Service Mesh Management

Effortlessly manage multi-cloud and hybrid Kubernetes applications with integrated observability and policy-based security.

Calisti Service Mesh Management Architecture

Service Mesh Manager helps you to confidently manage and scale your cloud native applications over single- and multi-cluster environments that are deployed in multi-cloud, hybrid, or on-premises Kubernetes hosts.

Key capabilities of Service Mesh Manager include integrated observability, simplified traffic management, zero-touch mTLS traffic encryption, and adding virtual machines to the mesh.

Integrated observability

Calisti’s service mesh manager offers intuitive topology view to easily visualize problems.

Define service level objectives and burn rates to easily trigger compliance alerts.

Historical charts and timeline view to more easily troubleshoot and root cause failure conditions.

Traffic Management

Calisti Service Mesh Manager simplifies canary deployments to de-risk production tests.

UI based simplifying circuit breaker configuration protects your application from overload and failure by preventing cascading failures and resource starvation.

Zero-Touch mTLS traffic encryption

Calisti offers advanced, fully automated mutual transport layer security (mTLS) encryption per service, per namespace, or cluster-wide traffic for cloud-native applications and Apache Kafka clusters, without client code changes or performance impact.

Adding Virtual Machines to the Mesh

Migrating workloads from virtual machines to Kubernetes makes it necessary to add virtual machines that run the original workload to the same mesh that manages target Kubernetes workloads.

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