Connect all your applications and endpoints seamlessly and securely across any hybrid multicloud environment

Calisti is the industry's first hybrid multi-cloud solution that streamlines and secures the management of cloud-native applications including event streaming applications. Calisti is the only service-mesh with multi-primary control plane support and cross-cluster service discovery.

Seamlessly connect and deploy applications

  • Automate the creation of Apache Kafka clusters across hybrid multi-cloud environment.

  • Enable deployment and management of Kafka clients, producers and consumers via CLI and Gitops.

  • Simplify service mesh by expanding to non-cloud environments, eliminating the need for dedicated proxies. Learn More

Apache Kafka clusters on Kubernetes made simple

  • Automated operations for Apache Kafka include self-healing, smooth scaling, rolling upgrades, alert-triggered scaling, and storage expansion.
  • Automatic mTLS encryption across all components eliminates the need for complex SSL configurations.
  • Pre-configured Prometheus monitoring for all Kafka components, including default Grafana dashboards with valuable insights.

Simplify Lifecycle Management of Applications

  • Automate Istio management to remove toil and risk from installs and upgrades.
  • Automatically scale Kafka clusters based on demand to optimize resources and minimize costs.
  • De-risk upgrades with canary deployments.

Ready to get started?

If you are looking for an effortless and flexible solution for managing your cloud-native
applications and Apache Kafka® clusters on Kubernetes, then try Calisti today!