Gain Real-Time Actionable Insights with Calisti’s Integrated Observability

Calisti’s offers real-time actionable insights to manage Apache Kafka clusters and applications running on Kubernetes.


Transform Your Observability and Management with Integrated Insights

Calisti provides end-to-end and protocol-aware insights across your cloud native applications & data platforms, such as, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Apache Kafka, and Kubernetes environment, enabling you to quickly identify and resolve issues. You can easily manage Kafka topics, broker configurations, and real-time application traffic. Calisti can help to visualize communications in context with distributed tracing.

Faster Incident Response

Calisti helps to reduce MTTR with real-time actionable insights with integrated observability. Calisti’s timelines and topology view help to speed up root cause analysis, and distributed tracing helps to visualize traffic in context. Calisti’s ability to manage applications across multi-cloud, hybrid and on-premises environments means you can quickly pinpoint the root cause of issues, regardless of where they occur.

Improved Application Performance

Calisti’s Integrated Observability allows you to proactively identify and address potential performance bottlenecks in your application, helping you to deliver a better user experience and improve customer satisfaction. Calisti generates alerts to maintain application service level objectives, and even detects outliers that affect service and workload health. With on-premises, hybrid and multi-cloud management capabilities, you can optimize your application performance in any environment.

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