Gain Real-Time Actionable Insights with Calisti’s Integrated Observability

Calisti simplifies observability by seamlessly integrating metrics, events, logs, and traces and presents it via an intuitive topology view to speed up root cause analysis.

Integrated Insights

  • Color-coded status and alerts about anomalies and service and workload problems in the topology view.
  • Provides end-to-end and protocol-aware insights for your cloud native applications, including event streaming applications.
  • Same topology view provides info on all microservices, including kafka brokers, topics, partitions.
  • Provides Grafana dashboards, default Prometheus rules for alerts, and a Kafka cluster overview dashboard in one intuitive GUI.

Faster Incident Response Time

  • Topology timeline view enables triaging past issues easier.
  • Distributed tracing facilitates easier debugging across hybrid multi cloud environments through a single dashboard.
  • Holistic system view via distributed tracing across namespaces, services and workloads.
  • Facilitates troubleshooting through monitoring live access logs with traffic tap.

Improved Application Resiliency

  • Provides proactive identification of performance bottlenecks in your application.
  • Provides timely alerts to uphold application service level objectives while effectively pinpointing outliers that impact service and workload health.
  • Fault injection capabilities allow for more resilient apps to be built.

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