Achieve Zero-Trust Security for Streaming Data Platform using Apache Kafka and Cloud Native Apps

Calisti ensures Zero-Trust security and compliance for your Apache Kafka clusters and cloud-native applications, providing peace of mind.

Easily Achieve Zero-Trust Security with Calisti

Fine-Grained Access Control and Auditing

Calisti helps to pass compliance audits by leveraging features like audit trails, real time dashboards, and unified, Kubernetes-native RBAC access control, that come with multi-tenancy support.

Automated Traffic Encryption

Calisti offers advanced, fully-automated mutual transport layer security (mTLS) encryption per service, per namespace, or cluster-wide traffic for cloud-native apps and Apache Kafka clusters, without client code changes or performance impact.

Declarative Kafka ACLs

Calisti offers a declarative approach to creating and managing Kafka ACLs, which aligns with GitOps and Configuration as code best practices. Kafka ACLs in Calisti offer fine-grained and role-based access control and can be managed easily in the Calisti dashboard or through YAML files.

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