Organizations that are looking to simplify and secure their multi...

“Organizations that are looking to simplify and secure their multi-cloud production cloud-native applications and data streaming platforms like Apache Kafka on Kubernetes should consider Calisti.

Paul Nashawaty

Principal Analyst, Enterprise Strategy Group

The Calisti promise

Calisti helps organizations of all sizes to manage their production cloud-native applications and streaming data platforms like Apache Kafka effortlessly and flexibly on Kubernetes. The best part? You don’t have to be a Kubernetes or Apache Kafka expert.

Turnkey solution for Apache Kafka
  • Deploy & manage multi-cloud Kafka clusters.
  • Kafka-native observability.
  • Automatic mTLS encryption for all components, alert-based storage expansion
Integrated Service Observability
  • Improve MTTR & SLOs through actionable insights, topology views, and timeline views.
  • Introspect traffic using Traffic Tap, while maintaining end-to-end encryption
  • Distributed tracing to visualize communications.
Simplified Management
  • Remove operational toil, using GitOps integration.
  • Manage cloud-native apps and non-cloud apps running on non-Kubernetes infrastructure like virtual machines and edge devices.
  • De-risk upgrades with canary deployments, enable circuit breakers for superior application experience.

Why Calisti for Apache Kafka?

Flexible architecture

Unlike other solutions that use StatefulSets for fine-grained control of broker configurations, Calisti is based on simple Kubernetes resources, which offers a much more flexible approach while retaining the fine-grained control of the broker configuration.

Multi-Cloud & Hybrid Support

Single instance of Calisti can easily manage all production workloads anywhere - on-premises, hybrid multicloud, with multi-gateway support.

Kafka protocol-aware observability

Calisti offers out of the box tracing and Kafka protocol-aware observability such as consumer group metrics, information about apps and their version of the client libraries, request validation, protocol version translations, and more.

Event-based scaling and self-healing

Graceful event-based cluster scaling using integrated open source Cruise Control component from LinkedIn, and vertical capacity scaling that increase application uptime and reduce MTTR.

FIPS 140-2 Level 1 compliance

Fully compliant with the rules for cryptographic modules of FIPS 140-2 Security Level 1; the ciphers used are even more secure the minimum allowed by the standard.

SSL -Encrypted Communication

Calisti fully automates mutual TLS (mTLS) encryption and authentication, providing mTLS out-of-the box. Calisti also uses mesh Certificate Authority to peer into TLS-encrypted traffic flows.

GitOps Integration

Calisti seamlessly integrates with popular GitOps tools like ArgoCD allowing users to manage their deployments, updates, and rollbacks with automated workflows and continuous delivery pipelines.

Ready to get started?

If you are looking for an effortless and flexible solution for managing your cloud-native
applications and Apache Kafka® clusters on Kubernetes, then try Calisti today!