Secure Application Connectivity from Datacenter to Cloud

“Organizations that are looking to simplify and secure their multi-cloud production cloud-native applications and data streaming platforms like Apache Kafka on Kubernetes should consider Calisti."

Paul Nashawaty

Principal Analyst, Enterprise Strategy Group

Here are five reasons you should use Calisti.

Kafka on Kubernetes Simplified

Calisti provides a turnkey solution for Apache Kafka on Kubernetes that includes easy setup, automatic scaling, and seamless upgrades. By integrating GitOps, we eliminate the need for manual operations.

Simplified Secure Connectivity

Calisti provides Zero-Trust security and compliance for your Apache Kafka clusters and cloud-native applications, ensuring enterprise-level security. It includes features such as role-based access control and compliance with FIPS 140-2 Level 1 standards.

Integrated Observability

Calisti simplifies observability by integrating metrics, events, logs, topology, and tracing into a single pane of glass, accelerating root cause analysis and remediation time.

Hybrid Multicloud Support

Single instance of Calisti can easily manage all production workloads on Public Cloud AWS, Google Cloud, Azure and private cloud with Red Hat OpenShift.

Enterprise Ready

Calisti is designed with enterprise readiness in mind, offering a range of features including enterprise support, Disaster recovery, High-availability and compliance.

Ready to get started?

If you are looking for an effortless and flexible solution for managing your cloud-native
applications and Apache Kafka® clusters on Kubernetes, then try Calisti today!